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Is The Mac Not Invincible Anymore?

by Juan on January 27th, 2009

According to this story posted on Yahoo, a new trojan has found it’s way to the Mac OS. This trojan is embedded in some pirated/cracked software that can be found on BitTorrent sites. Specific software mentioned were iWork09 and Adobe CS4.

The iServices.A Trojan horse is found in pirated copies of the said software. Once it’s installed it connects to remote servers. The trojan also allows the creator to take control of your Mac.

Intego, a Mac security software firm estimates that roughly 20,000 machines have been infected as of January 21, 2009. As a precaution users are asked not to download software from untrusted sources.

The approach of this trojan is genius. It works around the limitations of the Mac operating system and instead it exploits the flaw of the users. One flaw is greed. Mac users wanting to save money resort to downloading pirated copies of software instead of buying original versions. Hence opening themselves to attacks such as this. Wherein they literally welcome the trojan with open arms.

Several things you can do to avoid this. 1. Don’t download pirated software. 2. Download applications directly from developer’s sites or the Apple web site. 3. Now is probably a good time to start thinking about Anti-virus software. It’s better safe than sorry.

That being said, the Mac OS X is still pretty much a safe platform. If you’ve been infected the removable tool can be downloaded here.

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