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July 11th, 2006

Apple Updates Boot Camp - 1.0.2 Beta 1

Via Digg, Apple has updated its Boot Camp software. The current release is now 1.0.2 Beta 1. No documentation about what’s new in this release from Apple as of this time. It’s however thought that this version includes improved Windows XP drivers so it’s recommended that new driver discs be made. Bug fixes might also […]

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June 18th, 2006

Apple Favoring Parallels Over Boot Camp?

TUAW reports that in Apple’s Get A Mac page they mention Parallels instead of Boot Camp as the option for running Windows XP on your Mac. Does this mean that Apple is favoring virtualization over dual booting? Well.. in my opinion it’s still early to decide.
Of course virtualization on paper should be the better choice. […]

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April 8th, 2006


It’s really cute that within Microsoft, there’s a bunch of guys and gals who work in a Microsoft-Macintosh “safe zone.”

Here’s the thing though, with the new bootcamp software, it makes some of us wonder how Microsoft Office for the Mac will keep its toes above water.
Image here.
Thanks, WinZu!

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