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June 17th, 2008

Office to iWork and the Other Way Around

iWork is fast becoming popular in the Mac circles while Office is the standard when it comes to documents, spreadsheets and presentations. What happens when you want to share an iWork file with someone who uses Office or vice-versa?
Well there are compatibility issues. It’s not to say that you can’t move files to and […]

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March 12th, 2008

Office 2008 Installation Issues

A lot of people use Office Applications and I’m sure that more and more Mac users are upgrading the the Office 2008 for Mac. However there was a documented issue with Office 2008 and that there’s a possibility that someone, a hacker might be able to exploit a security issue that will allow them to […]

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December 30th, 2007

Are You Looking Forward to Office 2008?

Office 2008 has been released to manufacturing and should available in time for it’s launch on January 15, 2008 at MacWorld. That being said, are you looking forward to Office 2008?
After 4 years of waiting, what does Office 2008 bring and is it worth the wait? First, Office 2008 is now universal binary. It means […]

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February 4th, 2007

Microsoft Office 2008: One up from the 2007 version

It’s so weird how they launch the 2007 version for Windows and have the 2008 version for Macs only. The new Office Suite for Macs will be launched in mid 2007. It’s about time, honestly! Here’s a listing of some Mac-only features for the new office suite:

Publishing Layout View lets users create incredibly layout-rich documents […]

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