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Archive for November 2006

November 28th, 2006

The $20.00 iPod

A friend of mine proudly waltzed up to me to brag about her new iPod. Yeah, obviously an imitation from China but if you think about the package for a minute, it may actually be a good buy. For $20.00 you get the following:
The “iPod unit which is slightly bigger than the new iPod shuffle
128MB [...]

By Jayvee -- 2 comments

November 24th, 2006

DIY Wrist-Rugs, Trackpad and Apple Logo Protector

My creative friend Carlo is at it again. Complaining that most Wrist-Rugs, Trackpag protectors were expensive, he took matters into his own hands. He chanced upon a material called “Decorative Vynil for Glass” which is similar to self adhering film. He bought a roll which cost roughly 10 dollars and with that “Big Ass Roll” [...]

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November 21st, 2006

The Bootleg iTunes Music Store

So today I went to my favorite flea market just a few minutes away from our home. Surprise of all surprises, the new bootleg DVD area has expanded their business and are now selling song singles that can be compiled into one music CD for about PHP 80.00 which is about USD $1.50 per CD. [...]

By Jayvee -- 1 comment

November 15th, 2006

A Sign That Zune Won’t Kill The iPod

So Zune was just recently released, will it be the iPod killer it was touted to be? Not if this CNN video is any indication. Hilarious. It’s a segment to present the Zune but an iPod shuffle stole the show. I won’t spoil it anymore. For the love of God watch the video.

Credit goes to [...]

By Juan -- 5 comments

November 14th, 2006

Microsoft Zune Hotness Worldwide?

I can very well understand the repercussions of wireless sharing of music in the United States. They’ve got a great backend system there, since that’s where they’re from - I’d say with the advent of the iTunes Music (and Video) Store, prepaid cards and iTMS accounts are hot. Here in the Philippines though, you can’t [...]

By Jayvee -- 3 comments

November 12th, 2006

MacBook Pro Video Sessions

So prior to Carlo and I creating the 2 iSight video test, he decided he wanted to do some videos of him testing out his new Macbook Pro. He wanted to show people what the Macbook Pro was capable of in real world examples. Sure, benchmarks are good but to an average person like me [...]

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November 12th, 2006

MacBook Pro’s iSight Plus One

With nothing else better to do on a Sunday afternoon, my friend Carlo and I decided to check if it’s possible to use 2 web cams at the same time doing different things. He has a new MacBook Pro and he was spending the day putting it through its paces so he said, we might [...]

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November 8th, 2006

MacBook Core 2 Duo Here!!!

I was reading through Digg when I came across a news item. It read “MacBook Core 2 Duo is Finally Here! W00t”. I told myself, this is old news.. Then I noticed something. It read MacBook Core 2 Duo and not MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo… I was stunned. What the… I immediately headed for [...]

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November 8th, 2006

MBP Core 2 Duo User Review

One of my friends Carlo recently got his hands on a Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo. He’s one of the first people I know here in the Philippines to get his hands on this baby. We’ve been talking about this for the past few weeks. He was in fact considering to get a Macbook Pro [...]

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November 5th, 2006

Customize Your Mac OS X Experience

A good article/post on Creative Guy Blog shows Mac users how to customize their user experience. I for one am not the type to really go out of my way to customize my interface. Why? because I hate getting used to something then having to redo it everytime I reinstall my OS or upgrade it. [...]

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