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MacBook Core 2 Duo Here!!!

by Juan on November 8th, 2006

I was reading through Digg when I came across a news item. It read “MacBook Core 2 Duo is Finally Here! W00t”. I told myself, this is old news.. Then I noticed something. It read MacBook Core 2 Duo and not MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo… I was stunned. What the… I immediately headed for the Apple web site. True enough, it’s here boys and girls, Macbooks with some Core 2 Duo lovin’.

Off hand some noticeable differences apart from the Core 2 Duo processor are bigger hard drive for the 2.0 Ghz models. 80 Gb for the white and 120Gb for the black. Both 2.0 Ghz models now come with 1GB RAM (512×2), 4MB L2 Cache, a 6X Dual Layer Superdrive.

Wow… All these for the same price.

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