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The After Mac

8 Core Mac Pros Out Now. Yes. 8.

by Juan on April 4th, 2007

Just in time for Adobe CS3, Apple launches the 8 core Mac Pro. Inside the Mac Pro is Intel’s “Clovertown” chip. A 64 bit quad-core Xeon Processor clocking in at 3Ghz. The 8 core Mac Pro has 2 of these babies inside it. Each processor has an 8MB L2 cache combining for 16MB L2 cache. Other features of the processor are 64 bit data paths and registers, 1.33GHz, 64-bit dual independent frontside buses and 128-bit SSE3 vector engine.

For those who don’t need the monster power that the 8 core Mac Pro provides you can still opt for a pair of 64 bit Dual-Core Intel Xeon “Woodcrest” processors. It comes in 2.0Ghz, 2.66Ghz and 3.0Ghz speeds.

Apple still only has one standard configuration and it’s the 2.66Ghz Quad-Core chip that’s inside it. You can upgrade this to your hearts content with the build-to-order options. According to Apple there’s 33 million different ways you can configure this baby.

Check out the 8 Core Mac Pro here.

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