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Archive for December 2006

December 31st, 2006

Happy New Year!

To the dear readers of The After Mac, our sincerest wishes of a Happy New Year to you. 2006 has been a great year for us Mac lovers. With the Intel transition and the new products, being a Mac fan has never been as great. Well it’s poised to be even greater in 2007. In [...]

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December 26th, 2006

iPod Diagnostic Mode

How To Boot IPod Into Secret Diagnostic Mode! - video powered by Metacafe
While this is nothing new to most seasoned Apple/iPod users, some beginners might find this useful. So I’m posting this video tutorial from Metacafe on how to boot your iPod into diagnostic mode. Hope this will be of help to you guys.

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December 26th, 2006

The Nokia E61 and Your Macintosh

For the longest time, Apple fans have talked about the Zen behind electronic computing. This “Holy Trinity” consists of a Macintosh running OS X, a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and a Palm OS handheld. There have been several iterations of this, which include the MacBook + Treo or the MacBook + Sony Ericsson P990 series, [...]

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December 25th, 2006

Merry ChristMac to you!

Seriously. From us here at The After Mac, we wish you a merry merry Christmas. Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Jesus. Let’s spread the love around. After having done that.. Jolly good fun is in order! Here’s wishing that your stockings and tree have been filled with Apple goodies [...]

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December 20th, 2006

iHat Wireless Music Player

From the words of former After Mac columnist Adel Gabot,

Several years back, I remember wanting to buy this baseball cap with a built-in FM radio on the back strap. It cost about as much as a new shuffle would today, and I found it a bit expensive back then.
This is way cooler.
It’s nice, unobtrusive [...]

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December 19th, 2006

Greenpeace protests, iPods on the blender

And in other news, the guys from Will It Blend try it out on an old iPod. Out with the old, in with the new they say.
And hey, seeing what’s inside that iPod (did you see the smoke?), maybe the guys from Greenpeace have it all right from the start. All that cadmium and nickel [...]

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December 18th, 2006

iPhone Released… It’s Not Apple’s Though

That’s what we get for assuming too much. We all thought that the highly anticipated and yet to be proven true Apple Mobile Phone would be named iPhone. Well.. It’s not! Get over it.
Cisco owns the name iPhone. They used their Linksys brand to launch the iPhone product line. A set of products that offers [...]

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December 16th, 2006

Photoshop CS3 Beta On iMac Core 2 Duo

Adobe made available the Photoshop CS3 Beta last December 15. Like any good Photoshop and Mac user I went ahead and downloaded it. Excited to try it on our iMac Core 2 Duo. I wanted to see how well it would perform compared to the CS2 which is still emulated via Rosetta.
Photoshop CS3 is available [...]

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December 15th, 2006

Philippine’s Biggest Apple Center Opens

Not to be confused with Apple’s own retail chain of stores, the biggest Apple Center in the Philippines just opened today, Dec 15th. The Power Mac Center opened it’s doors today at the Greenbelt 3 Mall in Makati. Located at the 2nd Floor, this store is a sprawling 357 sq. meters. It will house a [...]

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December 14th, 2006

iPhone Rumor Update

MacRumors has published an update to the now almost fever pitch frenzy of speculation about the rumored iPhone. As January draws ever so nearer, rumors are beginning to hit a peak.
Rebecca F Runkle of Morgan Stanley has high hopes that the iPhone will be released in the first half of Jan, 2007. She [...]

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