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Archive for September 2008

September 28th, 2008

Facebook Exporter

I must admit I’m a Facebook whore. One of the great time wasters that I’ve come across with. Part of the appeal of Facebook is the ability to share photos. I know that a lot sites do that but it happens that Facebook is the one I like now.
It’s so much of a hassle [...]

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September 26th, 2008

And The Winner Is…

Surprise surprise… it’s me. It was literally a surprise because I wasn’t even aware that I was nominated, much less a winner. I was surprised to get a congratulatory message from a friend of mine. He said “congratulations for winning the “Best Network Blogger” award. I replied “Huh?”. He promptly sent me a link to [...]

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September 25th, 2008

Are New MacBooks MacBook Pros Really Coming Soon?

According to a story by AppleInsider there are signs that it is. Apparently production ready versions of the said computers have been spotted.
Just to be upfront, these are currently just rumors. We’re hoping it is true though.
The report is saying that the MacBook and MacBook Pro line of computers will share similar design [...]

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September 21st, 2008

Some iPhone News

Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Adapters
Due to some safety concerns Apple has decided to recall the tiny iPhone 3G power adapters. Apple said that it has received reports that the blades of the adapters broke off and got stuck in the outlets. This results in a possibility of getting electric shock.
Apple will replace the adapter [...]

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September 11th, 2008

Let’s Rock.. Sorta

My previous post asked the question “Will Apple’s Lets Rock, Rock?”. Now that the event has passed, in my personal opinion, it slightly did. Barely.
Maybe I was not really feeling it anymore or maybe I was just expecting too much but the event really didn’t excite me as much as previous Apple events. However it [...]

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September 7th, 2008

Will Apple’s Lets Rock, Rock?

Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event is barely a few days away. There’s talk of new iPods (leaked photo of the new iPod nano), iTunes 8 and new iPhone software.
Truth be told, for the past Apple events I have been underwhelmed. Will this event wow me? Chances are no. Why? Because as much as I’d like to [...]

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September 1st, 2008

HD Content Coming To The iTunes Store

Let me preface that this is pure speculation. I haven’t read, yet, that this is actually true. BUT…
Apple just released a new decoder that is visually lossless and provides uncompressed HD quality at SD data rates. This means HD quality in a smaller file size, which has been one of the biggest obstacles listed for [...]

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