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Let’s Rock.. Sorta

by Juan on September 11th, 2008

My previous post asked the question “Will Apple’s Lets Rock, Rock?”. Now that the event has passed, in my personal opinion, it slightly did. Barely.

Maybe I was not really feeling it anymore or maybe I was just expecting too much but the event really didn’t excite me as much as previous Apple events. However it wasn’t bad. It was ok, just not kickass.

Steve talked about several things during the event. First was iTunes 8. The next major version of iTunes. It’s available for download here. What new things does iTunes offer? Here are some of them, Genius playlists, availability of HD content and a new visualizer are just some of the new things that iTunes 8 brings. Browsing has also been significantly altered. Offering an experience similar to iPhoto, complete with scrubbing. You can view album art to access your music.

Updated iPod Nano’s were also introduced. Apple said that it’s the thinnest iPod ever built. It is damn thin. I definitely like this shape better than the fat nano. The inclusion of the accelerometer makes it easier to watch videos while retaining this form factor. The addition of the ability to create genius playlists is also great. A great thing is also the fact that Apple has made Nano’s more environmentally friendly. Seeing that Apple sells a ton of iPods, it’s just right that they do whatever they can to save the environment.

In my opinion the star of the event was the iPod Touch or in Apple’s words, “the funnest iPod ever”. I love the new form factor. The iPod Touch is what the iPhone 3G should have looked like. I know that there’s a reason for the plastic back of the iPhone 3G but I really wish the iPhone 3G looked more like the iPod Touch.

The 2G Touch features a built-in speaker, physical volume controls and the Nike+ receiver plus all the other great stuff the previous iPod Touch had.

The iPod Classic got a mention as well. Apple ditched the “fatter” version and it keeping the Classic in one size. The iPod Shuffle will also get a color refresh to follow the iPod Nano’s new color scheme.

All in all it was an ok event. Even their musician was just ok. I like Jack Johnson, don’t get me wrong but he didn’t blow me out of my seat. He’s like the dependable car that you own. Good, reliable but not terribly exciting.

So “Let’s Rock” was rockin’ but only a little bit.

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