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Apple’s Rumored Oct 14 Event A No Show?

by Juan on October 8th, 2008

Having read AppleInsider’s article regarding the possibility that Apple’s event might not push through, I tend to agree. If Apple’s rumored event on the 14th is pushing through we should have seen invites by now.

The Oct 14th event was rumored to be the launch pad for the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. These are the most anticipated products today. The portable line of Apple is in dire need of a revamp. While they are still selling well, the design is getting to be dated. Especially for the MacBook Pro who still resembles the PowerBook G4 which was retired several years ago.

Another possibility as it was pointed out in the article is that Apple could just release the notebooks without fanfare. A simple announcement on the web site and a press release. It’s been done before.

Given the current economic climate, Apple must be shaking its head right now. The new products might not get the warm reception it deserves since most people are reeling from the current economic turmoil. Consumer spending is predicted to be low.

So do you think Apple’s Oct 14 event will be a no show?

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