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Archive for October 2006

October 26th, 2006

Configure Your Mac To Send Email Wherever You Are

b5media’s Tech Channel editor Aaron Brazell has a very interesting post on his blog. It’s a tutorial on how to configure your Mac to send email from wherever you are. If you travel a lot and have to send email on the go, it’s hard sometimes because the WiFi or internet connection hotspots you use [...]

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October 25th, 2006

iPod DRM Hacked

According to this CNN article, Apple’s DRM for content purchased over the iTunes Store has been hacked. DVD Jon or Jon Lech Johansen claims to have unlocked the copy protection algorithim of Apple that regulates the playback of content purchased from iTunes. DVD Jon’s claim to fame was hacking the DVD DRM that prevents it [...]

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October 24th, 2006

Core 2 Duo Macbook Pros Out!

The rumors were true. Apple just released the Core 2 Duo Macbook Pros. Whoa… Apple is touting that the new MBPs are 39% faster than the previous ones. You can now get MBPs with speeds starting at 2.16ghz up to 2.33ghz.
The base 15″ MBP starts wit a 2.16ghz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB Ram, 120GB [...]

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October 22nd, 2006

My Next Keyboard (Macally Icekey)

Saw this from the 37 Signals video which I posted about. I loved they design of the keyboard Jason Friend was using that I searched for it. It’s the icekey from Macally.
According to the Macally site..
Stylish & Clean white extended keyboard. Low profile Scissor [...]

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October 22nd, 2006

Apple Features 37 Signals

I got this from TUAW. Apple has featured Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals. Don’t know who these two are? Have you heard of Basecamp and Ruby on Rails? Well these two dudes together with the rest of the 37 Signals crew are responsible for these great products.
Why am I posting about [...]

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October 21st, 2006

Windows Vista limits emulation on Mac OSX

Windows Vista ships next year, and a lot of Mac users are looking forward to install an emulated copy onto Mac OS X using VMWare or Parallels. However, the published Microsoft EULA on Windows Vista indicates that it will be severely limiting running an emulated version of Vista.

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October 20th, 2006

The Mac Gets Bigger

BusinessWeek reports that Apple had a record breaking quarterly sales. Unlike the previous quarters though, the Mac was the star. The past quarter saw Apple selling 1.61 million Macs. More than any other quarter. Out of that 1.61 million, 986,000 of those were portables.
It looks like Apple’s growth is just poised to grow. With a [...]

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October 20th, 2006


Absolutely nothing related to Mac and/or Apple except for the fact that this post was made on a Powerbook.
An earthquake hit Central Philippines which includes Manila. It was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and the city where I live felt a magnitude of 4. Still it was quite scary. Good thing no damage was done, no [...]

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October 19th, 2006

Apple.com From 1996 To 2006

Ever wonder what Apple.com looked like 10 years ago? Visit Apple Gazette, they put together a post about the evolution of Apple.com from 1996 to 2006. Look at how Apple evolved their web site to what it is now. There’s been some discussions going around that Apple should do a face lift or redesign of [...]

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October 17th, 2006

Buy iPod, get Windows virus free!

But wait, you’re running a Mac right? You’ll be fine.
Oh, you’re on Windows …
But the million dollar question is how the heck did a Windows virus get shipped with about 1% of the video-capable iPods after September 12 2006? Another terrorist attack? Methinks not. It’sb asically oversight from Apple, contractor, and that guy in the [...]

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