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August 8th, 2007

Apple Launches New iMacs

Several days ago images leaked on the internet claimed to be spy shots of the iMac. This was one of them.

A mock up of the iMac was also created. This was it.

The mock up was a wee bit closer to the real thing.
Finally August 7, 2007 came and Apple released the all new iMac. Thinner […]

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June 10th, 2007

Latest MacBook Pro Benchmarks

Thinking of getting the new MacBook Pros? Well Macworld has some initial benchmarks showing how it performs against the previous MacBook Pro revision and Macbook.
Most of the results are pretty much what is to be expected. The new ones are faster. Except for the Unreal Tournament 2004 test which the latest Macbook Pro faired poorly […]

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June 5th, 2007

MacBook Pro Now Up To 2.4 Ghz

The rumors were right. Apple just announced an update to the MacBook Pro. The updated models now sport a faster 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. This chip is the Sta. Rosa, featuring an 800 Mhz front side bus. It’s also capable of up to 4GB of PC2-5300 (667 Mhz) DDR2 memory.
Another notable thing is […]

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April 12th, 2007

2 New Get A Mac Ads

They boys are back in town! Mac and PC are back with two new installments on their “Get A Mac” ad series. The two new ads are titled “Flashback” and “Computer Cart”.
“Flashback” shows us how Mac and PC were waaayy back. The same as they are now, only smaller. I guess it was meant to […]

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April 4th, 2007

8 Core Mac Pros Out Now. Yes. 8.

Just in time for Adobe CS3, Apple launches the 8 core Mac Pro. Inside the Mac Pro is Intel’s “Clovertown” chip. A 64 bit quad-core Xeon Processor clocking in at 3Ghz. The 8 core Mac Pro has 2 of these babies inside it. Each processor has an 8MB L2 cache combining for 16MB L2 cache. […]

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March 29th, 2007

MacRumors Buyers Guide

I’ve been thinking about getting a new MacBook Pro. Two things stopped me, I don’t have enough money yet and I was debating whether or not it was a good time to buy. I know it’s time for the MBP to get a speed or spec bump but I’ve been wanting to upgrade. Thank God […]

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March 13th, 2007

Optimize Your Mac

Yes, we’ve all heard how the new Intel Macs are screamers. But most of us are still in the PowerPC age. While our Macs still run decently, you can never have too much speed and performance. If you feel that your Mac is slow the best would be to upgrade. If you can’t afford a […]

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March 12th, 2007


Mattyb posted on MacTalk his unfortunate fire incident. Turns out a few nights ago his Macbook caught fire. Awakened by his girlfriend, Mattyb rushes to find that his MacBook was on fire. He grabs it and tries to put the fire out. Some magazines and furniture got burnt as well.
Apparently he was noticing something odd […]

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March 6th, 2007

MacBook for $699

CompUSA is having a sale. This was pointed out my friend Butch. The 1st gen Macbook 2.0Ghz White (MA255LL/A) for only $699. That’s a sweet deal. Too bad I live in the Philippines. Apparently it’s true. I told my uncle who lives in California about it. It seems to be true. He talked to CompUSA […]

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February 12th, 2007

Windows Vista on Your Mac, A Step By Step

If you’re a Mac user that needs to run or work with Vista as well, here’s a step by step tutorial on how to get it up and running via Parallels. The fancy graphics stuff of Vista a.k.a Aero, won’t work on Parallels but that’s just eye candy anyway.. They say it might be VMWare […]

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