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September 10th, 2006

24″ iMac Striptease

Some lucky bloke has got his hands on the new 24″ iMacs. He’s kind enough to post unpacking pics for us. Funny how stuff like this tickles our fancy.. This didn’t happen with new Dell PCs that come out.. hmm..
View the pics here.

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September 6th, 2006

Mac Mini Upgraded

With the iMac’s update, the Mac Mini wasn’t far behind. Gone are the days of the Core Solo. Sweet and short it’s life has been. It’s now replaced with a 1.66Ghz Core Duo for the entry level model and a 1.83Ghz for the top end. Both have 512MB of RAM. The low end has a […]

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September 6th, 2006

iMac To World: Supersize Me!

I thought it was going to be another quiet Wednesday. Not quite. Apple updated the iMac line and supersized it at that with the introduction of the 24″ model. 24 inches?!?! Yup! You read it right. 24 glorious inches of movie watching, photo editing, web browsing real estate.
Apart from the addition of the 24″ model, […]

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August 10th, 2006

Mac Pro Unpacking Pics

Some people just have all the luck. Case in point, this guy already has his Mac Pro. Laslo Panaflex from the Mac Rumors forum got his Mac Pro with the following specs 2x 2.6, 1 gb ram, 7300gt, 250gb seagate HD. Cooollll…. He posted unpacking pics of it.
I love how clean the inside of the […]

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June 4th, 2006

MacBook As A Gaming Machine

Rob Griffiths of Macworld writes an interesting article about the MacBook and games. Basically he says that if you’re a hardcore gamer and want to play the latest and greatest games for the Mac suchs as Sims 2, Quake 4 and Doom 3 then the MacBook is not for you. If you’re happy playing older […]

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April 25th, 2006

MacBook Pro Grows Bigger

This has been a long time coming… Everyone sort of knew it… Finally it’s here. The 17″ MacBook Pro. This baby is awesome… Featuring a 2.16GHZ Intel Core Duo, Firewire 800 and 3 USB Ports all for $2799. An upgraded 15″ MacBook Pro comes up a similar pricepoint. Yet the 17″ has a lot more […]

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February 25th, 2006

The Apple Style

I don’t know if there really is a definable, quantifiable “style” that Apple can call its own outside of its hardware/software output, but nowhere is it more apparent when Steve Jobs makes a keynote presentation at an annual Macworld conference, and by the same extension, all of Apple’s staff worldwide when they make a presentation […]

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February 19th, 2006

Old PowerPC Magic

I was at a presscon last week, purpose of which was to demo the new iLife and iWork ‘06 to the public. But deeper than that was the demo of the software on the new Intel-based Macs.
I’ll give it to Apple - they made the migration from PowerPC to Intel almost seamless. But.
Before the […]

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