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November 14th, 2006

Microsoft Zune Hotness Worldwide?

I can very well understand the repercussions of wireless sharing of music in the United States. They’ve got a great backend system there, since that’s where they’re from - I’d say with the advent of the iTunes Music (and Video) Store, prepaid cards and iTMS accounts are hot. Here in the Philippines though, you can’t […]

By Jayvee -- 3 comments

July 23rd, 2006

Should Microsoft even mention it?

You know if I were Microsoft, I’d stick to the plan of JUST CREATING a kick-ass device that could play music, allow you to download songs from the Internet and have some community sharing feature. Yes, I’ll have a white version and that wheel thing too. I’ll even make the screen bigger!
Then I’d call […]

By Jayvee -- 1 comment