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The After Mac

2 New Get A Mac Ads

by Juan on April 12th, 2007

They boys are back in town! Mac and PC are back with two new installments on their “Get A Mac” ad series. The two new ads are titled “Flashback” and “Computer Cart”.

“Flashback” shows us how Mac and PC were waaayy back. The same as they are now, only smaller. I guess it was meant to show that after all these years, the PC is still boring.

“Computer Cart” shows several PCs on a cart. As what happens in real life, PCs are often brought back and forth to the IT department or a technician because it gets all sorts of errors, such as dll errors and the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. This is the truth, honest, I’ve owned my Powerbook for almost 3 years now and I’ve only had a kernel panic once. Once! I haven’t had any major errors (knocks on wood) so far. I’ve only had to reinstall Mac OS X when I upgraded to Tiger from Panther. How awesome is that. When I was on a PC I used to at least reinstall once a year.

While I still find the “Get A Mac” ads funny, their appeal is slowly dwindling. The series is good, maybe even great but I think it is time to think of something different. But before that.. Go watch the ads here and here.

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