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Optimize Your Mac

by Juan on March 13th, 2007

Yes, we’ve all heard how the new Intel Macs are screamers. But most of us are still in the PowerPC age. While our Macs still run decently, you can never have too much speed and performance. If you feel that your Mac is slow the best would be to upgrade. If you can’t afford a new computer, upgrade some of its components such as RAM and the Hard drive. However for us who don’t have the money for upgrades or don’t want to spend any more money on a computer that they’ll probably be upgrading in 6 months or so, optimizing your Mac is the best solution. Try and squeeze out as much speed as you can from it.

Ed Eubanks Jr., from Low End Mac has a great article titled “11 Ways to Optimize Your Macs Performance“. This article is not exclusive to PowerPC users. Most Mac users will be able to benefit from this article but probably not all in the same degree.

I’ve done most of these things such as clean my start-up items, shut of all widgets I really don’t need and to a certain extent clean up my hard drive. I also use Onyx from time to time.

So go ahead and read the article and see how much more performance you can get out of your Mac.

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