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Some iPhone News

by Juan on September 21st, 2008

Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Adapters

Due to some safety concerns Apple has decided to recall the tiny iPhone 3G power adapters. Apple said that it has received reports that the blades of the adapters broke off and got stuck in the outlets. This results in a possibility of getting electric shock.

Apple will replace the adapter with a redesigned one, free of charge.

View this link for the full story.

iPhone to get bumped to 32GB

According to engadget this might be a possibility. They got tips that stocks of the 8GB models are running out, thus the possibility of launching a model with 32GB. They’re doing it with the iPod Touch so I can’t see why they can’t do it with the iPhone. It’s more of a pricing/marketing strategy more than anything else I guess.

Let’s hope it happens. Visit this link for the story.

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