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MacBook: Is it really coming?

by Juan on April 10th, 2006

According to Think Secret’s article the MacBook will be on shelves by May. The MacBook will replace the current iBook line of computers as well as the 12″ Powerbook. It will feature a 13.3 display with a resolution of 1280×720 WXGA resolution.

It is also rumored to have a Core Solo and Core Duo version.

Now I’ve heard this news several times over the past few months. I was really expecting it to be launched during Apple’s 30th anniversary. Sadly this did not happen.

Frankly, I’m also looking forward to seeing this on shelves. Will it make me replace my 15″ Powerbook, I don’t think so. I still need the big screen. My next Mac will probably be a MacBook Pro but the MacBook looks promising for regular consumers. I am excited with the new industrial design and eagerly anticipate what Mr. Ives has in store for us.

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