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Will You Miss The Mini?

by Juan on October 23rd, 2008

According to this post on Gizmodo the Mac Mini might be heading to its final resting place. Reports that two major retailers in Europe couldn’t place orders for the Mac Mini anymore.

With this news, are you going to miss the Mac Mini?

Currently the Mac Mini is the most affordable Mac. The entry price for a Mac Mini is $599 and that will buy you a 1.83 Ghz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB RAM and an 80GB HD. Quite expensive in my opinion.

The Mac Mini while it is the cheapest Mac it’s a bit over priced for what you’re getting, yet it’s still quite appealing to some. It’s the form factor that’s winning hearts all over. It’s compact and stylish. It also gives you the option to use different peripherals.

A lot of people are using it as cheap servers or media centers.

As much as I know it’s a bit over priced for the specs you’re getting the I’d still hate to see the Mac Mini go. It serves a particular need. It gives people a cheaper way to enter the world of Mac.

Instead of laying it to rest, I’d really like Apple to just give it a spec bump or introduce a whole new Mac Mini altogether.

What say you?

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