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Prevent Hearing Loss With iHearSafe

by Juan on December 27th, 2007

I wrote a blog entry asking if the iPod has affected your hearing and in my case I think it has to a certain extent. By coincidence I was reading the article of David Pogue and he mentioned iHearSafe. This is a set of earphones that will automatically regulate the volume of the music you’re listening to. No matter how high you crank up the volume.

iHearSafe can be used on any audio device. This device is especially beneficial to kids. Since they still have relatively healthy hearing, they will benefit the most from this.

At $20 a pop, this is a good investment. I’m pretty sure it won’t give you studio quality audio but for regular use I think these will sound ok. Besides, what good is a great studio quality earphones if you can’t hear right?

Check iHearSafe out here.

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