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iPhone Plan for People With Disabilities: Good Job AT&T

by Juan on April 29th, 2008

I’m really happy with companies don’t forget the little people or minority such as people with disabilities. Why? I’m one of them. Most of us have had to take crap through no fault of our own and to be treated unfairly. So when companies such as AT&T does something to help make the lives of people with disabilities easier, I feel good.

AT&T released an iPhone plan for people with disabilities. Realizing that people with hearing impairment, speech problems or something of that sort rely on data services rather than voice calls, they have come up with an unlimited texting, web browsing and email plan for qualified people with disabilities. Way to go AT&T!!!

So if you or you know anyone with a speech or hearing disability point this out to them. It may make life easier for them plus they get an iPhone. How cool is that?!

Read the article at Sacramento Business Journal.

Here’s Apple’s iPhone accessibility page. Here’s AT&T disability resource page.

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