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Made On A Mac: Pelicola

by Juan on October 2nd, 2008

Pelicola translated from our native dialect means movie. Some creative guys here in Manila are launching a web site that aims to capitalize on their creative talents to produce short movies.

I had a short chat with Pelicola’s principal Noel Guevara.

TAM: Please give us a brief background about Pelicola

NG: Pelicola is Internet television. It’s the first of its kind here in the Philippines. Our aim is to provide our audience with gourmet video content.

Most of the videos are original productions (maybe only 10% would be third-party contributions) In as much as the concept is already inventive, the shows themselves are even more so.

TAM: What shows are you launching and when can we expect them?

NG: We’ve decided to partner with a renowned icon (in the show’s field or genre) for its production, in order to fully capture the spirit of the genre and subject matter.

The site (www.pelicola.tv) is launching on January 2009 along with 5 shows: Alive At The Womb, Rogue TV, Pelicola Insider, Story Films, and Fully Booked: the list.

Alive At The Womb is a live music recording show co-produced with Louie Talan of Razorback

Rogue TV is a show co-produced with Rogue magazine focusing on human interest pieces. mostly interviews and features.

Pelicola Insider is our very own experimental documentary show. it’s our probe team. we cover any topic that’s interesting, and present it in a very engaging, unorthodox manner.

Story Films, created with Story Philippines Magazine, showcasing sponsored short films. think BMW films and Cartier Love but it can be commissioned by different brands. It’s a form of adfilm that’s more film that it is an ad.

Fully Booked is a lively book review show co-produced with Fully Booked magazine.

TAM: What tools did you use to create your videos? (Mac and software)

NG: We use a MacBook Pro and and a Mac Pro for editing. We also use the MacBook Pro for dumping in the field (transferring of video files from the camera’s SD card to the computer) and we use Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and a special plugin for exporting to flv (which is our final product).

Both workstations are connected to 20″ Apple Cinema Displays the Mac Pro has 2 2.8 ghz quad-core Intel Xeon processors, with 2 GB ram and a 250gb hdd. it has an external 500gb eSATA drive for transporting files.

The MacBook Pro runs on a 2.5ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 3 GB RAM and 250gb HDD. We use a set of bose music monitors when listening to the audio. What is really worth noting is that even with such a basic set of specs, we are able to perform a multitude of monolithic tasks that (based on my experience) could easily cripple a PC workstation the inherent stability and ruggedness (is there a word?) of the macs come into play and become obvious when we perform these heavy operations.

Considering that, the apparent ease-f-use of the software creates an incongruous atmosphere that is very much welcome.

I’ve been workin on PCs for 10 years, and I was surprised with the power, functionality, ease-of-use, and reliability of the macs and final cut pro. i mean, i can even edit in the field!

TAM: What would you like to say to our readers. Please invite them to watch out for Pelicola

NG: To catch a glimpse of Pelicola, you can check out the teaser clip we’ve uploaded on youtube. It’s the 2nd part of the first episode of “Alive at the Womb”. It really pales in comparison to the quality and download speed of the upcoming site, but it will give you a firm grasp of the show’s look and feel. If you’re on facebook, add up the pelicola fan page too! We’ll be sending updates through that page as well, which will include a heads-up on the launch of the teaser site (sometime in November).

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