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App Of The Week: VLC Remote

by Juan on December 12th, 2008

This week’s chosen app is an iPhone/iPod Touch app called VLC remote. This app allows you to control VLC on your Mac or PC. It’s 99 cents for a limited time according to the developer.

I found this through Lifehacker.

I watch a lot of tv shows and videos on my computer. Much more than what I watch on TV. I have a nice 17″ MacBook Pro and when it’s about several feet away it’s still good to watch on. But controlling VLC was always a bit of a pain. Not unless I had my wireless mouse with me. But since I usually watch on the couch, there’s no flat surface to move the mouse in.

Now before you all go say I’m a lazy ass bastard, let me just qualify and say that I have a disability and it’s really hard for me to move and control my computer from afar. So the VLC Remote is almost a godsend.

It’s a fairly simple app but it does its job well. The response is quick. You almost feel no lag when you control VLC. You can open and browse through your computers folders to play the videos that you want.

The only problem I have so far with it is that you can’t remotely open VLC. You need to open VLC from your computer for the VLC Remote app to connect. Hopefully this is something that the developers can work on.

I’ve also been playing with it for a short time but I can’t find a way to delete the ones I’ve played already from the playlist. Every time I open a new video file it just adds to the playlist.

Apart from these, it’s pretty much worked as advertised. You need to download the latest version of VLC as well as these setup instructions so you can configure everything.

There’s a free version but it only offers basic controls and comes with some advertising.

VLC Remote is developed by Hobbyist Software. Go try it out now.

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