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2008: The Year of the iPhone

by Juan on December 16th, 2008

[image courtesy of Apple]

[via CNET]

Apple had a rocky road at times with the iPhone in 2008, but it finished the year having turned its first phone into its most important product. The iPhone began the year as a gadget status symbol in four countries and ended the year as the world’s second-best-selling smartphone, putting Apple in perhaps the best financial shape in the tech industry as the world entered a severe economic downturn.

2008 truly has been the year for the iPhone. Looking back this is the year that Apple’s new jewel made its mark not only with Apple fanboys but in the mobile world.

With the help of the App Store, the iPhone made significant inroads into the territory of companies such as Nokia, RIM, etc. The third quarter saw the iPhone selling more units than RIM’s Blackberry as well as Windows Smartphones. For a phone that’s only been around for a couple of years, that’s quite an achievement.

The App Store was a huge success driving a lot of developers to make applications. Over 10,000 made its way to the App Store. Even if most of them are 99 cent applications. Never have we seen something like it.

The iPhone is not the best phone. It’s hard to text message, there are some basic features such as MMS and copy/paste that are still missing but it is a great mobile computing platform. In the age of the internet that’s something that makes up for it’s short comings as a phone.

This is also the year that the iPhone made its way around the Globe. Opening up a whole lot of new territory for Apple to spread iPhone love.

2008 is certainly the year of the iPhone.

Read the CNET article here.

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