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The Apple Store Is Just A Short Drive Away

by Chris Marsden on May 27th, 2008

I have noticed a lot more news lately about new Apple Store openings. They just opened a huge one in Boston. Sydney, Australia is slated to get a 3 story store soon. Alabama and Mississippi both have Apple Store openings in the future.

And people are excited.

I mean, what’s not to love. Instant access to your favorite Apple products. The ability to touch and experience things you may not be able to buy. A chance to talk to the Geniuses. It is an Apple user’s dream come true.

But I already have two.

Here in Orlando, FL, we have two Apple stores. Both with Genius bars. Both with the newest and greatest products just a short drive away. This fact leads me to the following observations.

  1. How in the world do we have two Apple stores in Orlando (Florida has 14) and Boston is only just now getting a store? (I know there is one or two just outside of Boston. [Correction: There are apparently 8 in the greater Boston Metropolis])
  2. There are too many people who have not had the proper Apple experience. There is nothing like walking into the Apple store to check out the latest gear. If Apple doesn’t step up the pace on opening new stores, they need to at least start a travel division so people can go visit some of the best retail stores.
  3. I am extremely spoiled. Seriously. I get to choose which store to visit whereas others have to commit to a long drive to visit at all.

Hopefully there is an Apple Retail store near you. If not, take a drive and check one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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