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Tip: Multiple iTunes Libraries

by Juan on November 24th, 2008

As much as hard drives keep getting bigger, so does the media that we keep on it. In the era of High Definition and music libraries that include songs in the thousands, sometimes keeping separate libraries is the key.

Fortunately iTunes does that. I still only have a 160GB drive on my laptop and I don’t have a lot of space left. I do have some media that I bought off the iTunes store that I don’t necessarily want to keep with me all the time. I want to keep it in an external hard drive. How do I do that?

Well hold option (Mac) or shift (Windows) and double click the iTunes icon to launch it. iTunes will prompt you to select a library of create a new one. Select create and go make yourself a library on an external hard drive.

Here’s the thread on the Apple support site that discusses it further.

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