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Systm: Apple TV Hacks

by Juan on May 16th, 2007

Patrick Norton and David Randolph take you through some interesting hacks for the Apple TV. I’m not a fan of reading to much, especially long how-to articles. So it’s really good when there are video versions such as what Systm is doing for Apple TV hacks. It’s easier for me to follow videos than articles.

Covered in this video are the upgrading of the Apple TV’s hard drive as well as cloning the system from the existing drive to the new one. The installation of SSH to access your Apple TV directly through your local network. Installing codecs to let you view your favorite media and not just the ones Apple restricted you to. Installing an RSS reader and RSS feed files. Well ok, the RSS reader sucks. I mean you can only read the summaries. You still need your computer to view the entire article. Might as well start on your computer. As for the rest of the hacks, they’re pretty much cool.

With these hacks, the Apple TV is looking just a little bit cooler.

Systm is a Revision3 program. It’s a good show, a little too much nerdy for me but I watch it from time to time.

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