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Apple TV Update Released

by Juan on February 13th, 2008

The software update to Apple TV is now available. During MacWorld, Steve Jobs said that Apple will be releasing a software update to the Apple TV in order to give it more features. He publicly admitted that their first try with Apple TV wasn’t successful and the software update should make it better. Props to Apple for that.

What’s new with Apple TV? Well the big thing is a the movie rentals aspect. You’re now able to rent and buy movies, tv shows and other content via the Apple TV. Computer not required.

Apple TV 2.0 also has some new features that are quite interesting. Watch YouTube videos straight from the Apple TV. Access your .Mac of Flickr galleries. It also features a new slick interface to tie every thing together.

A few days ago I posted an entry with the link to the Apple TV 2.0 guided tour. Check that out as well to see Apple TV’s new features.

When Apple TV first came out I wasn’t really sold on it. However with this new software update it’s beginning to look really interesting. Especially since I’ve gotten a taste of movie rentals. Nothing beats instant gratification… well almost instant… There’s the thing about the waiting for the download. If you have great broadband and a nice widescreen TV, Apple TV looks mighty interesting. Especially when the movie library improves.

Here’s an interesting article about it on Apple Insider.

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