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Speed Up Your Mail

by Juan on March 2nd, 2007

Sometimes things just happen at the right time. I was complaining to myself today about how slow Mail was. I was thinking it might be because I have too much email and it might be time to delete some of them. I have several mailboxes and whenver I’d switch from one to another it would take time for Mail to switch.

Good thing I stumbled upon a great mail tip. This is courtesy of Hawk Wings, a blog about Apple Mail. The blog features tips and add-ons for Apple Mail.

The tip basically strips out the excess from the SQLite database that Mail uses to store senders, subjects and recipients.

I tried it and it works. My Envelope Index was 27 MB before and it went down to 21.7 MB after doing the tip. Not as dramatic as others reported but I can truly say that Mail is quite zippier now.

So if you’re having problems with Mail’s speed, try this tip.

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