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Speed Test for Your iPhone

by Chris Marsden on August 1st, 2008

So the big selling point of the new iPhone 3G has been speed. “Twice as fast for half the cost”. But like all internet connections, the promised speed and your actual speed on any given day are probably not quite the same. On most days, my home internet connection runs at about 75% of promised speed down and about 95% up. Occassionally its closer to 50%/50% and once or twice it has run faster than promised.

So how do you check the speed on your iPhone or iPod touch? Well DSL Reports has come up with an iPhone speed test page. Just click on how you are connected you’re off.

The site will also work on Smartphones, so I checked out my Moto Q. One thing I noticed was a huge difference between Opera and IE. I have wondered how Apple got faster speeds than other phone manufacturers, but it seems likely that the speed difference is software, not connection.

The other day I got 2027kbps on 3G in Opera. Today I am hitting between 950-1726kbps on Opera and between 268-389kbps in IE.

Have you tested the speed on your iPhone? Let us know connection (GPRS, EDGE, or 3G) and speed in the comments below.

And if you are a Windows Mobile user like me, apparently Opera really is worth the investment if your phone didn’t come with it.

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