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Review: Mac Pro 2.66 Ghz

by Juan on August 25th, 2007

Admittedly it was the picture above that got my attention. I love a clean workspace. Well because mine is a bit messy. I want a clean workspace but I can’t seem to keep it that way. Anyway, a clean workspace is even better when it has a 30″ Cinema Display on it and powered by a Mac Pro.

This is exactly what Glenn Wolsey has. Who’s Glenn? Honestly I thought he was some 30 year old computer nut who does programming or a 30 something web/graphic designer. I based this just on the looks of his workspace. I was wrong. He’s a teenager who lives in New Zealand. He also happens to love Apple. Read his profile here.

Basically he’s all praises for the Mac Pro. It was a choice between this or a 24″ iMac. He suggests that the extra dough is worth it because he can upgrade it. It will last him a longer time.  Read his full review here.  He also has a comparison between the iMac and Mac Pro and why he chose the Mac Pro. Read it here.

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1 opinion for Review: Mac Pro 2.66 Ghz

  • carlo
    Sep 3, 2007 at 6:00 am

    I totally agree with the points he raised. There’s just no substitute for flexibility.

    I disagree however with the “Backup Drives Inside The Tower”

    I used to share the same sentiment when I got my monster tower. But then I realized that the more drives you got, the more power you need (even if you say that those HDDs are idle most of the time) The reason I have all my other hard disks on a separate enclosure now is to maximize their lifespan. Because for as long as they’re powered up, that’s wear and tear right there.

    PS. I dig the lamps!

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