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Digital Slimming: A MacBook Air Review

by Juan on February 10th, 2008

The MacBook Air is a thing of beauty, a sliver of modern sculpture you could be happy just to look at or to stroke. You may not need it, but you’ll want it; when you see it, you will.

That’s the line in an article written by Prof. Jose Dalisay Jr., Butch as he is known to most, that caught my attention the most.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Prof. Dalisay through PhilMUG. He is one of the Philippine’s modern literary greats. Prof. Dalisay is a multiple award winning author, esteemed professor and Mac addict.

He recently replaced his aging 12″ Powerbook G4 with the newest and thinnest laptop offering from Cuppertino. Prof. Dalisay wrote a review for his column and blog about the MacBook Air. It’s not a technical review rather it’s a look at how he as an everyday user adapts to his new toy.

He titled his article “Digital Slimming” because he literally needed to trim down his files to fit it in the MacBook Air. He went down from 100 something Gigs to less than 80 GB giving him room to add more data to his MacBook Air.

We’ve been spoiled with the digital era that we keep tons and tons of data we don’t actually use. Such as thousands of photos we’ll never look at again or songs we’ll never listen to again.

Check out Prof. Dalisay’s review of the MacBook Air here. As far as I know he’s the first one here in the Philippines to get his hands on the MacBook Air.

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