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Remote App for iPhone and iPod Touch

by Juan on June 29th, 2008

AppleInsider has a report that Apple is set to release an app that will allow users to control their iTunes library from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

The report says that this app developed by Apple will allow people to control nearby Macs or PCs through this application. A similar thing would be VNC on your iPhone or iPod Touch (view discussion here).

This is an app that I’d really want to install. I want to be able to use my iPod Touch as a remote control for my Mac. This would be great not only for iTunes and media but if they could make it work for Keynote and Powerpoint as well. Work as in not just VNC but actually make an interface that will make it easy to control presentations through the iPod Touch or iPhone. Now that would be awesome.

I’m excited for July 11. I want to see what great apps will be available. This can really give us a glimpse as to the future of the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.

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