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Control Your Computer Via iPhone/iPod Touch

by Juan on May 10th, 2008

This is one app that really makes the iPhone/iPod Touch all the more enticing. Touchpad Pro allows you to control your computer via your iPhone or iPod Touch. Using VNC technology, your iPhone/iPod Touch can connect to your computer and act as a remote screen. You’re really seeing a version of your screen.

Here are some of the features of Touchpad Pro

1. Supports iPhone & iPod Touch

2. Connects with Windows, Mac, and anything running a VNC server

3. Control your computer’s mouse and keyboard wirelessly using your iPhone / iPod Touch

4. View your computer’s screen on your iPhone / iPod Touch using ScreenView

5. Natural Touchpad interface for mouse controls

6. Supports multi-display, high resolution desktops

7. Remote Control provides access to numeric keypad, arrow keys, and function keys

8. Fine-grained control of media player using Touchpad Media Server

Setting this up on a Mac is fairly easy. Leopard has a VNC server so you don’t really need to install 3rd party software. Just follow these steps and you’re set. Windows users have it a little more complicated. Hey, that’s Windows right?!?

Check out Touchpad Pro here.

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