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MobileEdge SlipSuit A Perfect Fit

by Juan on April 28th, 2008

I got an email from MobileEdge through this blog. I must admit I haven’t heard of the brand until they sent me an email. I checked out the their web site and was pleasantly surprised with their products. It looks stylish and the price is reasonable. My particular interest is the SlipSuit for the 17″ MacBook Pro.

What I like about this is that it has pockets outside for accessories. It’s perfect if I want to bring my MacBook Pro around but don’t really want to bring a big bulky bag. If I want to just go to the next building or meet someone in a nearby coffee shop, I don’t really want to bring my computer bag. This works well.

Here are some specs from the web site.

* Soft, durable and water-resistant Neoprene protects and cushions your laptop
* Small enough to fit inside your regular carrying case, but tough enough to use by itself
* Stylish design combines form and function to create a unique laptop carrying solution
* Heavy-duty nylon strap
* Full-size external pocket for AC adapter, files, CDs and other accessories
* Lifetime Warranty

Although on “paper” it does look well, I haven’t seen one in person so I want to reserve judgement till I do so. But so far it looks good. Go check out the MobileEdge web site.

[Image courtesy of MobileEdge web site]

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