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My Next Mac Computer

by Chris Marsden on May 26th, 2008

When I first made the switch to mac, I wasn’t looking at the operating system, but rather was looking for a computer that was small, lightweight, relatively powerful, a decent battery life, and didn’t cost a fortune. Most of the Windows ultralights that I looked at started at $1700-1800 and the ones with enough power to run Photoshop and do a little basic video editing were well outside the price range I wanted to be in.

So I bought a 12" PowerBook G4. It was small, lightweight, got 5 hours of battery life, and was as powerful (almost) as the 15" or 17" PowerBooks of its day.

But then came the MacBook and MacBook Pro series of computers. It was at this point that Apple decided that people who wanted smaller computers didn’t need the extra speed/power as those who wanted larger computers.

Now I am still not positive what I am going to buy to replace my PowerBook. But, with just a few upgrades, I am looking towards the MacBook Air. Lightweight, decently powerful, absolutely gorgeous. It just needs a little more battery life and a bigger Solid State Hard Drive.

Well I haven’t heard anything new about the battery, but Samsung has released some news regarding the drive. You can read more about it over at AppleInsider [update: Tech Side Up has a bit about it too], but the future looks like larger faster drives for less money. And with no moving parts, it is bound to save on battery life as well.

Now I am still hopeful that Apple will release the perfect computer at WWDC or maybe early fall. If not, I may just have to settle for buying a Mac Pro to go along with my not quite perfect laptop.

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