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Making Woopra work on Mac OS X

by Jayvee on May 23rd, 2008

I guess the best way to describe Woopra is that this is your site stats app in porno. The real time tracking system and the GUI is kick ass - but not a lot of Macintosh users can make it work because it requires the Java Virtual Machine 1.6 to run.

How to activate Java 6 on OS X

1. Do a system update and download the latest Java installation.
2. Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Java -> Java Preferences
3. Click to activate Java Version 6 (refer to image highlights above)
4. Drag Java SE 6 64 Bit to the top of the priority list (refer to image highlights above)
5. You’re done! Now you can install the application onto your Macintosh

If you’re running on an old G4 Mac, you won’t be able to run this. Time for an upgrade?

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