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MacWorld Reviews New MacBook Pros

by Juan on March 10th, 2008

MacWorld’s Jackie Dove reviewed the latest MacBook Pros release. In the review it states that this is the fastest Apple portables to date.

The new MacBook Pros feature the new 45mm Penryn processors from Intel. Delivering significant increase in performance, battery life and less heat.

The MacBook Pros still feature the same design and that’s one reason why some perceive it as just a speed bump rather than an upgrade. Granted there’s the new multitouch trackpad and the new keyboard configuration. To the untrained eye it still looks pretty much the same.

In my opinion as long as the case design still works, why change it. However I agree that a redesign should be done soon. It’s going to be a tough job though as the MacBook Pro’s design is one of the best I’ve seen on portables. I’m not being biased.

Should you upgrade to the new MacBook Pros? Here’s a quote from the MacWorld article.

If you’ve been waiting to buy a new Apple laptop, or you’ve been hesitating about upgrading from your G4 PowerBook, wait no longer. The new MacBook Pros are Apple’s speediest laptops ever. The higher-end models are loaded with both system and video RAM and better L2 cache capacities, which directly affect performance. It’s disappointing to see that the Apple remote, needed to operate Front Row, now costs extra, but on balance, $20 is not a high price to pay for something that many people never use. While the 2.4GHz model is a fine value for the money, the higher-end 15-inch and 17-inch models are outstanding top-of-the-line models for any professional, artistic, scientific, or scholastic application.

My thoughts on this matter is, if you have a core 2 duo MacBook Pro, hold off until you need to upgrade. While there’s a significant speed boost unless you really are a power user, then just wait and maximize your current machine. They’re bound to upgrade it one more time this year. If you’re coming from a Powerbook then you should have upgraded a long time ago. I love the PowerBook but Intel is where it’s at right now. The speed difference is just too much of a reason to upgrade.

Go check out the review here.

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