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MacCover - A New Option for Protecting Your Mac Portables

by Chris Marsden on June 4th, 2008

There is another option for protecting your iPod or MacBook available. MacCover.com makes custom sleeves for all your Portable Mac accessories. You choose the color, and if you have an odd sized computer (older model or PC), they will even make a custom cover for you. Colors range from rather neutral to pretty bold.

Standard issue MacCover is made to fit current iPods and MacBook (+ MB Pro + MB Air +iBook), but all other sizes can be custom made within one week without surcharge. Prices range from €9.95 for a PodCover / PhoneCover to €44.95 for a basic laptop sleeve, including giftwrapping and shipping to anywhere in the world. Customers can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

MacCover sleeves are handmade in Belgium by the happy ladies of a small company called Supernana. Supernana is a member of the Clean and Unique association for green and fair trade labels.

-from the press release

Personally, a sleeve, is the way to go with a laptop. I have two different bags I carry regularly. One is a messenger, the other a backpack. Neither is a laptop bag, but with my sleeve, my ordinary bag becomes a laptop bag. I may have to keep these guys in mind for when I get my new computer.

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