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iWork 09 to Anti-Piracy Measure: Buh-bye!

by Juan on January 21st, 2009

[via AppleInsider]

Apple has decided to drop the anti-piracy measures on it’s iWork 09 productivity suite. Specifically the feature that asks you to input a serial number prior to using iWork 09 for the first time.

Previous versions of iWork needed a serial number to work past the 30 day trial period or when installing a fresh copy of iWork.

Apple has deemed that the benefit of having that anti-piracy measure doesn’t outweigh the nuisance that it causes users.

In my opinion, as much as Apple wants to make the experience a little easier, they’re also not that concerned with piracy. They probably wouldn’t mind and look the other way if people install iWork 09 in more computers than they should. I think they want to build up a bigger user base for iWork and in a way this will do it. It’s like having an indefinite trial version for iWork. Hopefully when the user base is large enough, iWork will become a stronger force in the productivity suite market.

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