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Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Music

by Juan on February 7th, 2007

Steve Job’s posted his thoughts on online music and the industry that surrounds it. He posted this essay on Apple’s web site last February 6, 2007. I read through it and found it very interesting. A lot of people have given Apple a hard time on how it’s using a closed proprietary system with iTunes and the iPods it sells. The essay explains that Apple would embrace an open, DRM free system if the music company simply allows it. The problem is that it’s the music companies that are insistent on the DRM. Which time has shown to have very little effect on curbing music piracy. Why? because it’s the music companies themselves who are the biggest source of unprotected music. They are still selling tons and tons of CDs which are not DRM protected.

Steve also explains the perils or licensing their DRM to other online music retailers. Apparently there’s a clause in the agreement between Apple and the music companies that any exploits in the DRM should be fixed in weeks, otherwise the companies can pull out the entire catalog from iTunes. By allowing other people to use Apple’s DRM it opens them up for a bigger probablity of not being able to fix any exploits in time. Just by the sheer amount of devices they’d have to support.

As I am enlightened by how online music is shaping up, I’m more and more inclined to believe that the music industry’s stand against music piracy and DRMs is more for them rather than the artists and the users. I think they are really scared because it’s threatening their way of life. They should evolve with technology and find ways to work hand in hand with it without hampering progress.

I’m looking forward to a day when iTunes and other retailers will offer DRM free music. Then we’ll see who really has the right stuff.

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