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It’s Complicated

by Juan on January 20th, 2007

See this is the reason why I like Apple so much. They make life simple for us consumers. Considering I’m already a “techy” I still find Microsoft’s products confusing, even before I open and install them. Case in point, Vista.

According to a CNN article and I’m this has been posted elsewhere, Vista will be offered in several “flavors”. Consumers will get four variants, Home Basic ($199), Home Premium ($239) Business ($299) and Ultimate ($399). Whew. If you want to upgrade your Vista, you fork over some more money, Microsoft will give you a new license code, you can then unlock the other features of the more expensive variant.

Apple has been offering a single version of OS X Tiger, it will probably be the same for Leopard. Well, ok, there’s a server version but that’s not for consumers. Single price $129. $199 for the family pack and install up to 5 computers. One price all the features. It’s that simple.

When Leopard comes out, I’m almost sure the pricing will be similar. If it’s a little bit more expensive it will still have the same model. One price, all the features. It makes it easier for consumers who really don’t have time to compare the variants.

But really, Vista Home Basic for $199? That’s highway robbery. Ok, ok they put a lot of effort into Vista, still with such a big captured market for Microsoft, economies of scale should dictate a lower price. C’mon, if Apple can sell us Tiger for a low price of $129, how come Microsoft can’t give it for that low.

See this is one of the reasons why I switched, I just got tired of having to think about everything. It’s bad enough that I had to keep my Windows PC updated for virus protection, etc. but if I want to upgrade to Vista I’d have to take time to compare and fork over a fortune. No thanks. Leopard please.

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