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Should Apple Sell Mac OS X To Other PC Vendors

by Juan on November 18th, 2007

It’s no secret that some people have already made OS X run on hardware other than Macs. This was possible with Tiger but the question begs to be asked again with the release of Leopard. Arguably the Mac OS X is the best operating system available for your regular Joe. It’s simple to use, stable and just a joy. So why should Apple restrict others from using it just because they’re not on Apple hardware? Should other vendors be allowed to bundle OS X with their hardware?

My honest answer to this would be no or at least if Apple decides to sell it to other vendors to limit the hardware to a specific set. Part of the stability of the Mac OS X in my opinion is the fact that Apple makes both the hardware and software. So they are able to test both adequately. Window’s incompatibility stems from the almost infinite combinations of hardware that can be put together. That’s some complicated code that you need to maintain.

Plus, the whole Apple experience is really tied together. It’s the marriage of great software which OS X, iLife etc. has to offer and superbly designed hardware. It’s the details that make the Mac experience so wonderful. So why rob people of that.

One can argue that some just want OS X, that may be true but I’m sure once they’re exposed to the hardware they’ll consider it.

Although a part of me is happy that people have hacked OS X to work with other hardware. That might pave the way for them to actually give Apple hardware a try.

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