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iPod Touch Woes

by Juan on July 21st, 2008

Well my barely 1 month old iPod Touch is broken. At first I thought it was just software or something as trivial as that. My iPod didn’t want to connect to my WiFi network. It would connect then drop the connection at first until it just stopped working.

At first I thought it was just something similar to what these people are reporting but to no avail. I tried the fixes that were suggested. Nada. I reformatted, updated to 2.0 software, etc. No go. I finally brought it to an Apple Authorized Service Center and they couldn’t fix it also. At the end of it all they said it might be a hardware problem and they’ll send it back to Apple.

So for the time being I am left without an iPod Touch. It sucks really coz i’ve downloaded some great apps such as Remote and Super Monkey Ball and can’t make use of it till i get my iPod back.

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