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iPod Touch User Interview

by Juan on September 22nd, 2007

I recently interviewed one of PhilMUG’s member who was lucky enough to get his hands on the iPod Touch before the Sept. 28th official release. By sheer luck, Byerly (Miguel Villalon) of PhilMUG was in an Apple Store in Hawaii just in time when the first shipments of the iPod Touch came in.

1. You’re one of the first people to get your hands on the iPod Touch. Where did you get it? How did you find out it was on stock?

I guess you can call it luck, a few days after Steve announced the new iPods I was headed to Hawaii to attend a wedding. A few days after I arrived I was off to the Apple store. I remembered reading online that the touch wouldn’t be available until the 28th so I didn’t bother asking about it when I got to the store. Instead I planned on playing with the Macs on display, one of the reasons I wanted to visit the Apple store was because I was seriously thinking of upgrading to the new Macbook Pros to replace my Powerbook G4. I decided to wait for new models to come out, I was happy with my last gen G4. I did spend a long time playing with the iPhones though, this was the first time I’ve ever seen one up close. I was amazed… I must have spent a good 30 minutes playing around with all the features, trying to make phone calls (only local calls were allowed), and sending out emails. Later
that night, back at the hotel, I was seriously thinking of picking up an iPhone. I figured I could get help from fellow Philmuggers
unlocking it when I got back home. The next day I was back in the Apple store helping my dad and sister get external hard drives for their Macbooks, as we were paying for the drives I joked around with one of the salespeople about being bummed that I was going to be back in the Philippines when the touches were going to be released. He gave another salesperson a look and told us to wait for a while as he was asked to go into the back. He came back out with a bunch of brown boxes, looked our way and asked if we wanted brand spanking new iPod touches that were only available in a few Apple stores across the states. Who could say no to that! I later found out that the shipment had just come in earlier that day.

I started a thread on Philmug if you want to check it out, I also posted my covert picture(not allowed to take pictures in the Apple store) of the salesperson opening the box of iPod touches.

2. What model did you get? Why did you get that over an iPhone?

I got a 16GB model, as the saying goes, bigger is better! haha. I did want an iPhone but I figured it might be a hassle because all it takes is one update from Apple to lock it up again. I really think waiting for the asian version would be best. Who knows, by that time Apple would have fixed some of the things people have been complaining about (caller I.D., cut and paste, more storage, etc). We might even see a 3G model.

3. What are your impressions of the iPod Touch? How is it better than your previous iPod?

The iPod touch is amazing, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s thinner than the iPhone. The interface is pretty much the same,
without the phone features. The screen is bright, crisp, and the colors are insane! I actually think that navigating on the iPod touch
is much easier than on the previous iPods. It looks really good doing it too! Coverflow is so much better than scrolling through text, flicking through a song list is loads of fun, and pinching for websites and pictures is pure genius. The wifi though is icing on the cake, I also left the apple store with reloads for my iTunes account since now I have access to the iTunes store on my iPod Touch.

I have a 5.5G iPod and a first gen iPod nano. The 5.5G iPod was where I would store my music library as well as videos and podcasts, and the Nano I still use very often with my Nike+ sports kit. I never really loaded pictures on any of my iPods until I got the iPod Touch, looking at pictures on the older Ipods just didn’t seem right with the small screen.

4. Having had your iPod Touch, will you consider upgrading to an iPhone once it’s available in your area?

Yes, because I’m an Apple freak like that. haha! It will have to be the asian version though. Not the iPhones brought in that need to be hacked.

5. What are the things that you’d like to see improved on the iPod Touch?

Bigger storage would be better. 16GB isn’t enough for a device that can store video and music.

A camera would be nice.

Games, I hope Apple finds a way to put games into the Ipod Touch.

Mail, they got wifi into the iPod Touch, I wish they included Mail as well.

Being able to enter calendar events. Creating new contacts is allowed, but creating calendar events is not. Strange.

More pics…

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