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iPhone/iPod Touch Tips and Tricks

by Juan on August 28th, 2008

Whether you’re on an iPhone or an iPod Touch these tips and tricks from PhilMUG member dubeditions is certainly a must read. It’s really an iPhone centered tips and tricks list but soem of them will also work with the iPod Touch. I tried it on my iPod Touch.

Some of them are just great. My favorites are the screenshot and saving images from Safari. Here are the first 5 tips you can read the rest on the thread he started.

1. Double-down with scrolling. Many Web pages contain separate text boxes with their own scroll bars. If you’re trying to move around in one, try this: Zoom in, and then scroll with two fingers instead of one. That will let you scroll just inside the box and not affect the position of the entire page.

2. Maximize battery life, part 1. iPhone and iPhone 3G models have more sensors than just the accelerometer. For example, they have a separate sensor, situated right above the earpiece, that detects ambient light. The iPhone uses this sensor only once per session, though, just as you unlock the handset. But if you cover the sensor as you unlock the phone, you will trick the handset into thinking it’s in a dark room, and it will power down the screen brightness as a result.

3. Maximize battery life, part 2. The iPhone’s newfound e-mail synchronization abilities are useful, but they also drain the battery more quickly. If that’s a concern, under Fetch New Data, set e-mail fetch time to Hourly, and turn Push off.

4. Keep Safari’s address bar handy. Ever scroll pretty far down a Web page, only to find that the address bar has disappeared? No need to scroll back up—instead, tap the top part of the screen. The address bar will reappear, regardless of where you are on the actual Web page.

5. Enter punctuation quickly. To enter a period while using the on-screen keyboard, hold down the Punctuation key and slide your finger over to the Period button. Then release it.

Read complete list here.

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