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If You Were To Buy An iPod Then Buy The…

by Juan on April 21st, 2008

Lia over at Gadgenista wrote a post entitled “If You Were To Buy An iPod” and I thought I’d give my two cents on this.

If you were to buy an iPod there are things you need to ask yourself. First is, what do I want to do with my iPod or how will I use it? How much storage to I really need? Which iPod will fit my budget?

Anyone asking me for advice as to what iPod to get, I always answer back, what do you want the iPod for? Will it be primarily for listening to music? Watching videos? Or some other things.

Get the iPod Touch if you’re into listening to music, watching videos. I don’t agree with Lia when she said that the iPod Touch is a wannabe iPhone. It has similar features but it’s really for people who want the features of the iPhone sans the phone. Why? because they like separating their communication device and their entertainment device. You don’t want to find yourself suddenly out of juice when you need to make that important call. Also, the iPod Touch is for the rest of the people in the world where the iPhone is not available yet. Sure, there’s unlocking for the iPhone but there are still people (me included) that would rather wait till the iPhone is officially supported in our country before getting one.

So the iPod Touch does really serve a need. Buy it if you watch a lot of videos. The screen is amazing and it’s perfectly suited for watching movies, tv shows, video podcasts on the go.

The iPod Touch also has Wifi so you can browse, email and chat wherever there’s a connection. The software platform is similar to the iPhone so it’s really extensible, you can add apps to it and add to its features.

The downside is that it’s limited to 32GB at the moment. Not bad really, the original iPod started with 5GB and it was fine back then. The 32GB should be fine just as long as you don’t carry your entire library with you. But really, why would you need the entire library anyway? It’s like bringing all the books in your library when all you’ll really read today is a single novel.

The iPod Classic is for people who looooveee music. They have to carry all their music with them at all times simply because they want to be able to play whatever, whenever. With this much space you can listen to music for days, weeks even without repeating. It can also play videos but really, it’s not at par with the iPod Touch.

It can be used as an external hard drive but I really wouldn’t make it my primary external drive. You bring it around with you all the time and it would be a shame to lose all your data if your iPod gets stolen. Not to mention a security risk. So use it for transporting files to and from but not really as a primary external drive. Plus the iPod hard drives aren’t as durable as laptop or desktop based external hard drives.

The iPod Nano is for people who love sports and who want to exercise to the beat of their favorite tunes. It’s flashed based so the jarring won’t affect it’s memory. It’s small and light. It’s really perfect for the active person. It can play videos but really forget it lest you want to develop eye problems.

It has enough storage so you can store a lot of music or podcasts and it should be fine for most people really.

The iPod Shuffle on the other hand is really meant for people who don’t really listen to a lot of music, don’t need video, don’t need photos. All they really want is a music player. That’s it. Plain and simple. It’s also cheap, sturdy and stylish. You won’t cry if you lose it. The downside sometimes it takes a bit of guesswork to find the right song you want.

This is also perfect for people who just want to try portable music players before taking the plunge to bigger and better things.

Each iPod really has its market. There’s no one iPod for all. That’s why they made the entire line. It’s really up to you to assess your needs and choose the right one that fits you.

As for me? Well I think I’m an iPod Touch user. I just lost my old 5th Gen iPod and so, I’m in the market for a new one. That’s if I can get through all my other expenses first.

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