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October 8th, 2007

Congratulations To Adel

Former and founding blogger for The After Mac, Adel Gabot has joined Inquirer.net’s stable of blogs. Inquirer.net is the web site of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. A popular broadsheet here in the Philippines. They have a stable of blogs and now Mac-A-Doodle is part of them.

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August 29th, 2007

September Special Event

[via MacNN]
According to MacNN, Apple has confirmed that it will hold a special event on September 5. The words written on the invitation reads “The beat goes on”. The artwork is similar to Coverflow. This invitation says several things.
First, the Coverflow type artwork suggests that this has something to do with music. What comes to […]

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August 28th, 2007

How Far Will People Go For An Unlocked iPhone?

Apparently quite far. Engadget reports that a reward has been offered for the rights to the software that can unlock an iPhone. It will be released to the public for free. A whopping 100,000 dollars is being offered for the said rights.
Another story shows that a teenager from NJ traded his unlocked iPhone for 3 […]

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July 21st, 2007

Apple Web Site Throughout The Years

Thought Different is an interesting site that chronicles the Apple Web Site over the years. Using a “cover flow” interface, you can browse around and see the different states of the Apple Web site.
There’s also a blog, forum and a rumors section to boot. Another interesting site about Apple. Go check it out.

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July 8th, 2007

iPhone In The Philippines

This news is a few days too late. Still I think it’s worth mentioning. My apologies I haven’t been able to post much the past few days. Been busy but I’ll write about that on another post.Elbert who is also the current chairman of PhilMUG (Philippine Mac Users Group) got an extremely pleasant surprise last […]

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June 1st, 2007

Poor Man’s Photoshop

Not everyone can afford a copy of Photoshop. It’s simply impractical for a non-professional to shell out that much money for Photoshop. However in today’s digital age, photo editing is fast becoming a popular activity. We shoot photos with our digicam and now we take more and more time and attention to making sure our […]

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March 6th, 2007

MacBook for $699

CompUSA is having a sale. This was pointed out my friend Butch. The 1st gen Macbook 2.0Ghz White (MA255LL/A) for only $699. That’s a sweet deal. Too bad I live in the Philippines. Apparently it’s true. I told my uncle who lives in California about it. It seems to be true. He talked to CompUSA […]

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February 10th, 2007

Interview: Aaron Brazell, Technology Manager for b5media

In our drive to make The After Mac a better Mac/Apple blog, we’re going to try and talk to a lot more Mac users. We want to find out why they love Apple and the Mac, why they’re using it, what their hardware is and how it improves their lives. Today, we bring you b5media’s […]

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February 7th, 2007

Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Music

Steve Job’s posted his thoughts on online music and the industry that surrounds it. He posted this essay on Apple’s web site last February 6, 2007. I read through it and found it very interesting. A lot of people have given Apple a hard time on how it’s using a closed proprietary system with iTunes […]

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February 6th, 2007

Irritatingly Funny

There are several new “Get A Mac” ads that Apple released. Among the the three the “Security” ad is in my opinion irritatingly funny. It paints a picture on how irritating life would be with Vista’s security barriers, that prompts so much user intervention. The in itself is also irritating after watching it a few […]

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