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by Juan on September 19th, 2006

My first foray into the world of iPod Games is Bejeweled. Well ok, technically it’s not the first iPod game I played. I’ve gone through the bundled games of my iPod namely, Solitaire, Brick, Parachute and Music Quiz. I at least tried the games once. I only liked solitaire.

The release of iTunes 7 and the revamped iTunes Music Store changed this. They now offer several new games for the 5th Gen iPod. Games such as Tetris, Pac-man, Vortex, Zuma, Texas Hold’em, Mini-Golf, Cubis 2 and my favorite of the lot, Bejewled. At $4.99, it was worth gambling on. I’m comfortable with spending $4.99 on games since it’s something I can play over and over. $14.99 for a movie.. well still needs to convince me. I usually only watch a movie once. If I like a movie so much, that’s the only time I’ll watch it again. That and of course if it’s on T.V.

I downloaded Bejewled for my iPod. It’s pretty similar to the ones I played on my computer and on my palm handheld years back. Before my palm died on me. The main difference here are the controls. Bejeweled was remade to make use of the iPod click wheel. You rotate the wheel to cycle through the different jewels and then tap the top, left, right or bottom of the well to indicate which direction you want the jewel to switch to. It takes quite of getting used to. It’s not as easy to play as the palm version, primarily because of the touch screen. It is playable however. I’ve managed to play a fairly decent game with it. Although the small screen of the iPod left my eyes hurting after 30 mins of playing.

If you’re using your iPod a lot and travelling, you also want to entertain yourself, I’d recommend getting one of the games. Your iPod will not turn out to be a PSP or Gameboy killer but at least you now have better games to play than the bundled ones. At $4.99 a pop… it’s an ok price to pay for entertainment.

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2 opinions for Bejeweled

  • Mary
    Sep 19, 2006 at 3:45 pm

    now I want a mac. thanks.
    well, hubby has an iPod.
    who has time to play games on their iPod
    I don’t even have time to fire up an iPod
    but I do listen to XM Radio.

    oh well
    no macs anywhere in this home… someday… maybe

  • Juan
    Sep 24, 2006 at 1:04 am

    Hi Mary,

    Go get a Mac! you won’t regret and hey, it can run windows so you can make an easier transition. For me it’s just good value for money. It’s not the cheapest but it has the most value.

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