I’m really not a gamer. I mean I play games but I’m not a hardcore gamer that I have to play games everyday. I love games though and I appreciate their value but I really wouldn’t say I’m addicted to gaming. However sometimes there’s a game that I get hooked on. Often times it’s the simple games that get me. Games like Tetris, Bejeweled, etc.. Now it’s Zuma.

A friend of mine introduced me to this game. While it’s been around for a long time already it was the first time I got to play it. Needless to say I got hooked. No work was done for a few hours. Just pure Zuma pleasure.

It’s a pretty simple game actually. There’s a line of balls of different colors following a path. You fire different colored balls from a frog statue and aim to get three of the same color side by side to eliminate the balls. At the end of the path is a hole. If the balls reach there before you eliminate them all, you’re dead. You get three lives. After which, game over. It’s not rocket science. Simple, straight forward, entertaining and addicting.

Zuma is available for a host of platforms PC, Phone, PDA and of course Mac OS X and the iPod. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it. It’s developed by Pop Cap Games.

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